Help build upward mobility

America has an upward mobility problem: too many people lack access to opportunity and stable employment. Underbanked, underserved, and underappreciated are status quos we’re not willing to accept.

At Ladder, we’re reimagining the American dream and creating the products, infrastructure, and services to make it possible again. Will you join us?

Ladder creates upward mobility for American job seekers and simplifies hiring for employers. Right now, we're helping job seekers attend 3-14 week classes to become certified nursing assistants (CNAs), financing their tuition and placing them with employers immediately upon completion. For many, Ladder represents a new lifeline to economic stability and a better chance at a fulfilling career.

We raised a seed round from Union Square Ventures, Collaborative Fund, 8VC, Moxxie, and former leaders at Affirm, General Assembly, Twitter, and companies in education & media. We're well-funded and ready to improve upward mobility and the health care labor supply in America.

Looking to start a career through Ladder?

The roles on this page are to work directly for Ladder. Visit our CNA programs page for more information on participating in Ladder programs, and to apply.
CNA programs

6 company roles open

We're still hiring through coronavirus

During the COVID-19 emergency, all roles are remote through the end of 2020 — including those normally based in San Francisco. We're following the guidance of health officials and similar companies in determining when to reopen our offices.